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    Visualizing the Census of Marine Life
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The Census of Marine Life was a global network of researchers in more than 80 nations engaged in a 10-year scientific initiative to assess and explain the diversity, distribution, and abundance of life in the oceans.  The world's first comprehensive census of the past, present, and future of life in the oceans was released in October 2010.


Workshop on Internet Mapping and Google Earth

Workship Agenda

Part 1 – Distributing Stories
Part 2 – OBIS-SEAMAP: Spatially & Temporally Interactive Mapping
Part 3 – Playing with Interactive 3D Globe

The workshop will consist of PowerPoint presentation, online/offline demonstrations. The meeting room will have decent Wi-Fi internet connection. So bring your laptop with you and play around with the online demos while the presentation is under way.


Share ideas on how to visualize georeferenced multimedia data in a spatially & temporally interactive way.

Feel free to exchange ideas and discuss issues and concerns with other CoML researchers as well as with Mapping & Visualization Team.

Google Earth SST Animation


Although no preparation is required to attend the workshop, bringing your laptop with you will make this workshop more enjoyable.

If you bring your laptop, make sure to have Google Earth installed. Google Earth is available for free.

Presentation slides

Part 1 & 3 (Power Point 13.5 MB)

Part 2 (Power Point 25.7 MB)

URLs to what you've seen in the workshop

Part 1 – Distributing Stories

Nature RSS
Science RSS
CAML-Cousteau expedition
CoML Portal
Google Reader
Virtual Tour
Virtual Tour KML
Census Study Areas

Part 2 – OBIS-SEAMAP: Spatially & Temporally Interactive Mapping

Photo ID
(Log-in required)
Marine Wildlife Behavior Database
(Log-in required)
(Country - Bamahas)
(do not distribute as it's in a development stage)
Sample survey dataset
Sample telemetry dataset
Sample telemetry dataset (TOPP)
(Log-in required)
ESAS dataset
Colony dataset 1
Colony dataset 2
Habitat dataset

Part 3 – Playing with Interactive 3D Globe

Oceanographic animation
Build custom animation
Sample customized animation KML
Fly-through demo
SEAMAP on Google Earth Plugin
Animation with Google Earth Plugin
 Turtle 3D movement
Original version of CoML contents for Google Ocean


The registration is closed