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    Visualizing the Census of Marine Life
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The Census of Marine Life was a global network of researchers in more than 80 nations engaged in a 10-year scientific initiative to assess and explain the diversity, distribution, and abundance of life in the oceans.  The world's first comprehensive census of the past, present, and future of life in the oceans was released in October 2010.


Ocean Primary Productivity

Primary productivity data

Ocean Primary Productivity
Provides the science and broader communities with global, updated ocean productivity estimates. In addition, the website provides information on the models employed, access to model code and ancillary data sets, and comparisons of productivity estimates for alternative models. Field data sets relevant to ocean productivity modeling are also provided and will be continually expanded as new data become available.  Based on the original description of the Vertically Generalized Production Model (VGPM), MODIS surface chlorophyll concentrations, MODIS sea surface temperature data (SST), and SeaWiFS cloud-corrected incident daily photosynthetically active radiation (PAR).




Use Example

Download an 8-day productivity dataset at 5' resolution as an HDF file and visualize in ArcGIS

                Extract header with MGET.  From Marine Geospatial Ecology Tools -> Conversion Tools -> From HDF SDS -> Convert SDS in HDF to ArcGIS Raster

                Enter the HDF file name to convert and raster output file name.  Use the following parameters:
                    SDS name: ???
                    X coordinate of LL corner: -180
                    Y coordinate of LL corner: -90
                    Cell size: 0.0833

                Define the new dataset's projection: Data Management Tools -> Projections and Transformations -> Define Projection
                     Select -> Geographic Coordinate Systems -> World -> WGS 1984

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