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    Visualizing the Census of Marine Life
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Workflow & Roles


Census researchers
Provide a story.
Go online to draft it.
Project supervisor (PI)
Review and approve the draft.
CoML Education & Outreach Team
Review the draft and make editorial changes.
Control the workflow.
Send a notification email to the supervisor.
Publish the story to Google.
CoML Mapping & Visualization Team
Develop and maintain the online interface and workflow.
Provide technical supports.
Google Implement CoML stories to "Census of Marine Life" layer.


Workflow diagram


  • E&O Team has discretion to skip the review by supervisor (Step 3 and 4; no notification email is sent to the supervisor). In this case, a draft story submitted by a Census researcher is reviewed and approved by E&O Team.
  • If the census researcher does not provide [Supervisor name] and ]Supervisor email], Steps 3 & 4 will be skipped and E&O Team will approve the story and publish it.

 Account Management (M&V Team Only)

  1. Creat an account with Mgel LDAP.
  2. Go to ZMI.
  3. Navigate to /comlmaps/work/coml-google-earth-layer.
  4. Switch to [Security] tab.
  5. Click "local roles".
  6. Enter the account into [User] box.
  7. Choose a role from [Roles] according to the following table:
    E&O Team member
    M&V Team member
    Census researcher
    Supervisor Reviewer
  8. Click [Add].


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